Vital Records information please contact:

Tamara J. Cooper, Registrar of Vital Statistics
Paula N. Jones, Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics

4160 Upper Mountain Road
Sanborn, NY 14132
Hours: Monday through Friday 8 am - 4 pm
Phone: 716-433-7664

Marriage Record Information
Marriage Record Application
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Death Record Information

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Vital records registration started in New York State outside of New York City in 1881. Generally, the New York State Department of Health provides uncertified copies of the following types of records for genealogy research purposes:

  • Marriage certificates - if on file for at least 50 years and both spouses are known to be deceased.
  • Death certificates - if on file for at least 50 years.
  • Birth certificates - if on file for at least 75 years and the person whose name is on the birth certificate is known to be deceased.

Are the time periods ever waived?

The time periods are waived for direct-line descendants. A direct line descendant is a person in the direct line of descent, i.e., the child, grandchild, great grandchild of the person whose record is requested. The direct-line descendant applicant must provide the following:

  • Proof of their relationship to the person whose record they are requesting.
  • Proof of the death of the person whose birth certificate they are requesting.
  • Proof of the death of both spouses whose marriage certificate they are requesting.

Who is eligible to obtain a birth certificate copy?

  • The person named on the birth certificate.
  • A parent of the person named on the birth certificate (requesting parent's name must be on birth certificate).
  • Only by order of a New York State Court may a spouse, child or other persons obtain a copy of a birth certificate.

mustIdentification Requirements - application be submitted with copies of either 1 or 2:

  1. One (1) of the following forms of valid photo-ID:
    • Driver license
    • State issued non-driver photo-ID card
    • Passport
    • U.S. Military issued photo-ID
  2. Two (2) of the following showing the applicant's name and address:
    • Utility or telephone bills
    • Letter from a government agency dated within the last six (6) months

Genealogy Information
Genealogy Application
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Birth Certificate Information
Birth Record Application
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For copies of marriage licenses issued anywhere in New York State except New York City, a certified copy of the marriage records may be obtained from the office of the town or city clerk who issued the license, or from the New York State Department of Health. The fee is $10.00 if you obtain a certified copy from the town or city clerk who issued the license. If applying to the New State Department of Health, please refer to their website at

Birth certificates, death certificates and the indexes related to birth and death certificates are not subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and are NOT open to public inspection. Access to vital records maintained by local registrars is subject to Public Health Law 4173 and 4174 and the Health Commissioner's Administrative Rules and Regulations.

Birth and death certificates contain highly confidential information about the persons to whom they relate. The local registrar is required to maintain the highest level of vital records security to protect the privacy of those individuals.

Confidentiality and Security of Records:

New York State Department of Health
Vital Records Section, Genealogy Unit
Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12237-0023

Original records of births and marriages for the entire state begin with 1881, deaths begin with 1880, except for records filed in Albany, Buffalo and Yonkers prior to 1914. Applications for these cities should be made directly to the local office.

Birth Records are on file beginning with the year 1872
Death and Marriage records are on file beginning with the year 1884

The Town of Cambria has on file only those births and deaths which occurred in the Town of Cambria.
To request a copy of a record directly to the New York State Department of Health, mail your written request along with the necessary documentation to:

Certification Unit
Vital Records Section
New York State Department of Health

P.O. Box 2602
Albany, New York 12220-2602