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2020-Water Report for 2019


New Water Meter Program

To date, 99% of the Town's residents have had their water meters changed over to the new AMR meter.  For those who have not yet had their meter changed, our department will continue our efforts to make the changeover as convenient as possible.  We appreciate the cooperation of the residents that have had their meter upgraded.

Water Meter Policy

New Builds AMR Meter $230
New Builds 1" Tap $800
Existing Customers: $50

Payment is to be made before installation

For larger meters or additional information, please contact our office at 433-2468.

Water Service Compliance Inspections are required when homes transfer ownership.  Homeowners should contact the water district, in a timely manner, before they request a final meter reading, to be sure their water service is in compliance.

Water Department History

The Cambria Water District covers the entire Town of Cambria and is located in central Niagara County.  In 1964 application was filed for approval of plans of the Town for establishment of a Water Distribution System. The Town of Cambria is primarily a rural and residential area. The population in 1964, according to the 1960 census was 3,661. Current population is 5,900 (2010 Census).

Water for the system is supplied through the Niagara County Water District and is taken from the west branch the Niagara River and pumped across the northern end of Grand Island to the treatment plant. From this treatment plant the water is pumped to the transmission and distribution mains of the County water district and its associated Town water districts.

Original waterline constructed in 1964 was 169,000 feet. Today the Town maintains 363,577 feet, with an additional 64,736 feet of lines that are jointly owned with the Niagara County Water District and neighboring towns.

For specific water treatment information see our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Our Water Department must obtain meter readings four (4) times a year.

In 1976 the Town established a Sewer District that extends from Upper Mountain Road south. Three (3) Niagara County interceptors presently service the Town of Cambria. The Town has a collection system in a limited area of our Sewer District that is comprised of both gravity and pressure sewers.



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